D. e G. Group S.r.l.


specialises in the design, construction and sale of electrical panels for industrial automation processes, low voltage panels, distribution and energy control panels, as well as building industrial plants and machinery.
The company has high quality standards, and an optimised company organisation. It keeps itself continually updated, pursues constant research and training to guarantee clients the best technological solutions and the most advantageous supply conditions.
The use of information technology helps accelerate the time needed to perform calculations, draft designs and plans and produce the documentation necessary.
Attention and rigour are the keywords in the delicate phases of assembly and wiring: each cable and each component has its clear, precise and orderly position in the panel to make locating it and recognising it easy in the case of need or assistance.
The panels and systems comply with the relative directives and standards, they are made with equipment that is subject to frequent calibration checks, and are released only after having undergone rigorous functional tests.
Furthermore, everything is made in accordance with the indications supplied by the client regarding electrical wiring specifications, electrical panels and on board machinery.