The D. e G. Group S.r.l. was founded in 2006 by two partners, Gabriele Miani and Davide Cimbaro. 

In January 2013, the D. e G. Group became an Italian limited liability company (S.r.l.) in Buja, in a space of 1,400 square metres and having expanded its workforce to 20 employees.
Our core activity is the design and construction - as well as putting into operation - industrial electrical panels which can be made designed and built for various purposes: automation panels for machines and systems; low and medium voltage distribution panels; panels to supervise systems and machines; panels for security access control.
Specifically, the services associated with production provide for the construction, assembly, wiring and testing of the equipment in accordance with the electro-mechanical project, construction specifications and prevailing standards and regulations; to clarify any doubt a client might have, each panel is delivered with the relative installation manual, testing reports and a certificate of conformity.
Regarding the wiring phase, we are specialists in wiring on board machines both in the specific equipped area within the company and in the case that wiring is to be done at the client's facility.We provide a complete service: offering clients commissioning and start-up services for the electrical panels and software and also installing automation systems and making them operational at the client's facility, directing the plant's electrical assembly works, providing post-testing assistance and developing all the documentation needed for the construction of the electrical panels.
The design, construction and installation phases of the industrial electrical panels for industrial automation obviously include all the services that are required including electrical diagrams, material lists, operating and maintenance manuals for the designed machine and for the electrical and electronic parts, a CE declaration of conformity for the electrical panels and machines, risk analysis and integrated documentation.



Partner and Managing Director



Partner and Managing Director